How to Incorporate a Brooch into Your Workwear for a Touch of Elegance?

From time immemorial, brooches have adorned the outfits of royals and commoners alike. Today, they’ve emerged as an accessory that can add that much-needed spark to your yuppie style. So, ladies, if you’re tired of the same old workwear wardrobe, it’s time to try the brooch-fashion.

Adding a brooch to your outfit can make all the difference, transforming your workwear from plain to chic. This article will guide you on how to wear a brooch with your workwear elegantly, drawing from both modern and classic fashion inspirations.

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1. Choosing the Right Brooch

The first step in incorporating a brooch into your workwear is choosing the right piece. Not all brooches are created equal. Some are bold and modern, while others are subtle and classic. The brooch you choose should not only reflect your personal style but also complement your outfit.

Consider the color, size, and shape of the brooch. If you’re wearing a solid colored dress or blazer, a colorful or uniquely shaped brooch can add an interesting touch. On the other hand, if your outfit has a busy pattern or multiple colors, a simple, classic brooch might be a better choice.

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2. Finding the Perfect Placement

Now that you have selected your brooch, the next question is where to place it. While the traditional placement of a brooch is on the left side, just below your shoulder, modern fashion rules are more flexible.

The perfect placement for your brooch depends on the style of your outfit. For instance, when wearing a blazer, you can pin your brooch on the lapel for a chic look. If you’re donning a dress, try attaching the brooch at the waist, on the collar, or even on the back for a unique twist.

Remember, brooches are versatile accessories. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different placements to find what works best for your style.

3. Pairing Brooches with Different Outfits

Brooches are a versatile accessory that can be paired with a wide range of outfits. Whether you’re wearing a blazer, a dress, or a blouse, a brooch can add a touch of elegance to your look.

If you’re wearing a blazer, consider pinning a brooch on the lapel. This classic placement can make your outfit look more sophisticated. If your blazer has a bold color or pattern, opt for a simple, understated brooch. On the other hand, if your blazer is a neutral color, a colorful or detailed brooch can make a statement.

For dresses, the waist or the collar are great places to pin a brooch. A brooch at the waist can highlight your figure, while a brooch on the collar can draw attention to your face.

4. Using Brooches to Transform Workwear

Adding a brooch to your workwear does not just add to the aesthetic appeal; it can transform your outfit. A brooch can make a simple outfit look more sophisticated or can add a touch of fun to a serious outfit.

For example, if you’re wearing a simple black dress, adding a brooch can make your outfit look more elegant and polished. If you’re wearing a classic white shirt and black pants, a colorful brooch can add a pop of color and make your outfit more interesting.

Brooches can also be used to create a focal point in your outfit. For instance, if you’re wearing a monochrome outfit, a bright, statement brooch can draw the eye and become the star of your outfit.

5. Taking Care of Your Brooches

Brooches, just like other pieces of jewelry, require proper care to maintain their sparkle and longevity. When not wearing your brooch, it’s best to store it in a jewelry box or a soft cloth pouch to prevent scratches.

Avoid exposing your brooch to harsh chemicals, as they may damage the finish or color. If your brooch gets dirty, gently clean it with a soft, damp cloth.

Remember, your brooch is an investment. With the right care, it can last for years and continue to add a touch of elegance to your workwear.

Incorporating a brooch into your workwear can elevate your style and give you a unique, chic look. So, go ahead and add that touch of sparkle to your workwear today.

3. Experimenting With Different Brooch Styles

There is an array of brooch styles available for you to consider. From vintage to modern, gem-encrusted to minimalist, there’s a brooch to suit every personal style and outfit. Experimenting with different brooch styles can open up a whole new world of fashion trends for you to explore.

If you’re aiming for a classic, royal look, a vintage brooch could be your best bet. Look for pieces with intricate details, pearls or antique finishes. These often go best with structured dresses or blouses in high quality fabrics. Pairing a vintage brooch with a classic tailored blazer can create an outfit that is rich in history and sophistication.

If you’re more into the yuppie chic trend, a geometric or abstract brooch might suit you better. Modern brooches often come in bold, sleek designs that make a statement. These pieces can be paired with trendy blazers or dresses to elevate your workwear.

Lastly, for those who love a touch of sparkle, a gem-encrusted brooch is a great choice. This type of brooch is a sure shot way of adding a touch of luxury to your outfit. It’s ideal for special work events or days when you need a little something extra to boost your confidence.

Like any other accessory, it’s essential to align your brooch with your personal style and the image you want to portray. Don’t limit yourself to just one style; embrace the versatility of brooches and explore different designs.

4. Brooches and the Modern Fashion Landscape

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, brooches, despite being an age-old accessory, have stood the test of time and continue to be a top fashion choice. They have been embraced by celebrities and fashion influencers alike, proving their relevance in today’s fashion trends.

Gone are the days when brooches were seen as an old-fashioned accessory. Today, they are seen as a chic way to add a touch of elegance to any outfit. From runways to street style, brooches have found their place in the modern fashion landscape.

More than just adding glamour, brooches in the workplace are seen as a reflection of an individual’s personal style and creativity. They can be a conversation starter, allowing you to connect with others on a personal level. Wearing a brooch can be a small yet powerful way of expressing yourself and staying on top of fashion trends.

Styling a brooch doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s about embracing your personal style and incorporating it into your workwear. Whether it’s a vintage brooch on a classic blazer or a modern piece on your dress, a brooch can easily transition your outfit from basic to chic.


Brooches are a classic accessory that has seen a resurgence in recent years, proving themselves to be more than just an embellishment. They are a versatile fashion piece that can be easily incorporated into your workwear to add a touch of elegance. Remember, the key to successfully styling a brooch lies in choosing the right piece, finding the perfect placement, and experimenting with different styles to truly make it your own. So, don’t hesitate to add a brooch into your wardrobe and keep embracing the yuppie chic trend. Keep your brooches in high quality condition and let your personal style shine through. Brooches are indeed a timeless piece that will continue to elevate your workwear for years to come.