How Can UK Craft Breweries Leverage Social Media to Create Buzz Around New Releases?

The craft beer industry in the UK has witnessed a remarkable surge in recent years. From small, family-run businesses to larger, corporate initiatives, breweries are continually introducing innovative and exciting flavors of beer to quench the nation’s thirst. But, with an increasingly competitive market, how can these breweries ensure that their latest brews create a buzz in the market and capture consumers’ attention? The answer lies in strategically leveraging the power of social media.

Utilizing Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has become a significant component of many successful marketing campaigns over the past few years. Nowadays, people are more likely to trust the opinions of their favorite online personalities than traditional advertisements. UK craft breweries can take advantage of this phenomenon to promote their new releases.

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By enlisting the help of influencers, breweries can reach a wider audience, attract potential customers, and increase their brand’s visibility. The influencers can sample the new beers and share their experiences with their followers through vlogs, blog posts, and social media updates. They can also host virtual tasting events, which would encourage their followers to try the new beer, thus boosting sales.

Engaging With Customers Through Social Media Channels

Engaging with customers is vital for any brand’s marketing strategy, but it’s especially crucial for UK craft breweries. With platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, breweries can interact directly with customers, gather feedback, answer queries, and build a loyal community of beer enthusiasts.

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Craft breweries can share behind-the-scenes glimpses into the brewing process, offer insight into the unique ingredients used and provide updates about forthcoming releases. This behind-the-scene content not only retains consumer interest but also creates anticipation for new products. Such tactics can help breweries foster a sense of belonging among their followers, turning them into loyal customers and brand advocates.

Hosting Virtual Events

In light of recent circumstances that have seen most physical events cancelled, virtual events have become the norm. They offer an opportunity for breweries to engage directly with their fans and customers, despite geographical limitations.

Virtual beer tastings, brewery tours, and launch events can all be part of the brewery’s social media marketing strategy. These events provide a platform for breweries to showcase their brand personality, share their passion for craft beer, and introduce their new products. By making these events interactive, with live chat functions or Q&A sessions, breweries can create a genuine connection with their audience and, in turn, increase brand loyalty.

Capitalizing on User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) can be an effective way for breweries to promote new releases. This involves encouraging customers to share their own experiences with the brand’s products on social media.

UGC can include posts of customers enjoying the brewery’s beer, check-ins at the brewery or affiliated pubs, or even creative recipes using the beer. These posts, when shared or featured on the brand’s social media channels, not only create buzz around new releases but also validate the brand’s credibility. This authenticity can help the brewery build trust, enhance relationships with customers, and reach a wider audience.

Leveraging Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is a powerful tool that allows breweries to reach a targeted audience. With sophisticated targeting options, craft breweries can ensure their advertisements for new releases are seen by those who are most likely to be interested.

These ads can be used to highlight the uniqueness of the new beer – its flavors, brewing process, or the story behind it. They can also be used to promote events, special offers, or collaborations related to the new release. By investing in social media advertising, breweries can increase their online visibility, attract potential customers, and drive sales.

In conclusion, social media offers numerous opportunities for UK craft breweries to create buzz around their new releases. By developing a strategic social media marketing approach that encompasses influencer collaborations, customer engagement, virtual events, user-generated content, and targeted advertising, breweries can successfully capture their audience’s attention and stand out in the competitive craft beer market. Remember, the key to social media marketing success is to remain authentic, be consistent, and always strive to add value to the audience.

Embracing Beer Festivals and Collaborations

In the world of craft beer, beer festivals and collaborations are considered significant milestones. They provide an avenue for breweries to showcase their creations and gain wider brand exposure. With the help of social media, these events can be leveraged to generate hype around new releases.

Beer festivals, whether physical or virtual, are grand events that attract a large number of beer enthusiasts. Craft breweries can use these platforms to launch their new beers, giving the target audience an exclusive first taste. Sharing these events on social media can generate excitement among the followers and reach a broader audience.

Collaborations, on the other hand, can be a strategic move for craft breweries. By partnering with other breweries, restaurants, food and beverage brands, or even non-related businesses, breweries can create unique, limited-edition beers. These collaborations, when promoted on social media, can stimulate curiosity among the followers.

Every collaboration tells a story, and breweries can use this narrative to engage their audience. Sharing insight into the partnership, the creation process, or the inspiration behind the collaboration beer can create anticipation and buzz. Perhaps, host a joint live session with the collaborating partner to answer any queries and provide more information about the collaborative beer.

Developing and Implementing a Comprehensive Digital Media Marketing Plan

A well-crafted digital media marketing plan can help UK craft breweries effectively utilize social media to promote their new releases. This plan should consider the brewery’s objectives, the target market, the unique selling proposition of the new beer, and the social media platforms to be used.

Firstly, setting clear objectives is crucial. Whether the goal is to increase brand awareness, boost sales, or grow the customer base, having a clear direction will guide the brewery’s social media activities.

Understanding the target market is also crucial. The brewery should have a clear understanding of who their audience is – their likes, their dislikes, their online habits, and the social media platforms they frequent. This information will help the brewery tailor their content and advertising strategies to effectively reach and engage their audience.

Next, the unique selling proposition of the new beer should be highlighted in the social media content. The uniqueness could be in the flavors, the brewing process, or the story behind the beer.

Lastly, choosing the right social media platforms is key. Breweries should opt for platforms that their target audience frequently uses. Instagram and Facebook, for example, are excellent platforms for visual content and storytelling, while Twitter is a great platform for updates and engagements.


In the face of intensifying competition in the craft beer industry, UK craft breweries must leverage social media strategically to create buzz around their new releases. From influencer marketing and customer engagement to virtual events, user-generated content, collaborations, beer festivals, and a comprehensive digital media marketing plan, breweries have a plethora of options at their disposal. The key is to remain authentic in their approach, consistently deliver value, and foster a community of loyal beer enthusiasts. As the world of craft beer continues to evolve, breweries that harness the power of social media effectively will undoubtedly be at the forefront of this exciting industry.